“Lester and Holly have a unique anointing and wonderful spiritual and physical harmony.  We have been blessed by their worship during our travels and at House of David.  They are a truly gifted couple whose worship will bring you into His presence and face-to-face with our Lord.”
Endorsed by: Curt Landry www.CurtLandry.com

“Lester and Holly Rector were a great blessing to our church.  Their musical abilities are extraordinary.  Yet, Lester brings a passionate word about discipleship with it.  It confronted us and challenged us to be open and honest with God.  What a refreshing experience.  The way Lester and Holly use their gifts for the Lord, blending music and word together, is beautiful.  Lester and Holly would be a tremendous blessing to any church and they would push the congregation to see themselves as God sees them.”
Endorsed by: Hans Hess, Pastor, Fountain of Life Church, Elizabeth City, NC www.folec.net

“Lester and Holly brought us face to face with the Father in a fresh and supernatural way. The presence of the Father brought amazing healing to my people! I urge pastors to have this ministry in your church. This is not a concert. It is a true encounter with the Father’s love!”
Endorsed by: Dwain Miller – Senior pastor, Cross Life Church, El Dorado, AR

“Lester and Holly Rector bring a fresh and prophetic breath of the Spirit to the new sound of worship that is rising in the earth. The synergy of their unique gifts flow together and release a dimension of the anointing that is vibrant, compelling, life-giving, and heart-stirring. They elevate the awareness of the Manifest Presence of God in any and every gathering they are invited to minister in. The kiss of God is on their lives.”
Endorsed by: Bishop Mark J Chironna, MA, PhD, Pastor – Masters Touch International Church

“This letler serves as my personal and hearty endorsement of the ministry of Lester and Holly Rector. They are not only outstanding musically, but there is a strong anointing on them as they sing and speak. They know very well the One of whom they sing! And it shows! If I can be of any further information to you regarding this marvelous couple, please let me know. I am always delighted to tell of their work for the Lord.”
Endorsed by: Dan Betzer, Senior Pastor – First Assembly of God Fort Myers, FL.

“We have had the privilege of hosting Lester and Holly on several occasions. They have true servant spirits and always leave a deposit whenever they come to Abba’s House. They move freely in the realm of Prophetic worship and our congregation is always stirred to love the Lord in a deeper way. I am happy to recommend their anointed worship leading to your congregation. Dr. Ron Phillips, Senior Pastor Abba’s House”
Endorsed by: Dr. Ron Phillips, Senior Pastor – Abba’s House. Hixson, TN.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Lester and Holly for some time now. Not only are they one of the finest couples you’ll ever meet, they can evermore sing! I’ve seen them in Concert, heard their music and witnessed first hand what they are all about. Without question, they have extraordinary abilities as musicians, singers and songwriters but first and foremost, they are all about ministering. If you want to see and hear what praising God is all about, take time to listen to the music these people bring to the table.”
Endorsed by: Phil Johnson, GM/Dir. – Spring Hill Music Group

“It is often the exception and not the rule that people who are incredibly talented musically are also able to flow in worship and engage people to go with them to a new level of intimacy with the Lord. Lester and Holly are truly that exception. Not only are their vocal capabilities second to none, but their ability to reach the heart of people is what impresses me most about their ministry. By using the talents that God has given them to their optimum, coupled with their sincerity and love for God’s people, Lester and Holly are amazing gifts to the Body of Christ and are sure to be a blessing to anyone who hears them.”
Endorsed by: Chuck Lawrence, Pastor – Christ Temple Church, Huntington WV.

“What a tremendous ministry Lester and Holly have. There is a touch of God on them. I love them because they’re young and they don’t only sing the new songs, but they sing the old songs too. We have had them in our church several times and they are a real blessing. You’ll want to get them; they will be a blessing to your life.”
Endorsed by: Jentezen Franklin, Pastor – Free Chapel, Gainesville GA.

“Lester and Holly are two of today’s trailblazers for modern music ministry. As a husband/wife duo, they are anointed to present God’s love and power through music and evangelism. For whatever event you are having, Lester and Holly are sure to have a life changing impact.”
Endorsed by: Judy Jacobs Tuttle, Minister – His Song Ministries

“It is so refreshing to have a group come in that is genuine. Lester and Holly made a great impression on our leadership because of their professionalism and sincere hearts. They ministered effectively to all ages and had an apparent Spirit-led ministry. Lester and Holly will exceed expectations.”
Endorsed by: Jeff Williams, Pastor – The Church of Corinth

“Having Lester and Holly minister at our church had a marked and profound impact. The presence of God was so powerful through their ministry and music that our entire congregation shifted to another level of God’s glory and another level of worship. They are genuine, loving people who love God first, and have a respect for the pastor and local congregation. You will be blessed and refreshed by their ministry. ”
Endorsed by: Fritz Musser, Pastor – Tabernacle International

“The ministry of Lester and Holly is a rare gift to the body of Christ! This couple serves with a genuine spirit of humility and a willingness to flow with what the Holy Spirit is doing in the moment. It is both refreshing and renewing to experience the ministry team. I consider Lester and Holly to be a rare gift to the body of Christ. I have had the priviledge of hosting this wonderful ministry on two occassions at the Princeton Pike Church of God. Their gift is marked by excellence and I will gladly continue to recommend them and their ministry to those who desire a true and deep move of God.”
Endorsed by: Barry Clardy, Pastor – Princeton Pike COG

“Lester and Holly have an incredible gift to offer every church. Their vocals, style, and music are exceptional, but it is their maturity and passion in worship that carry the day. They come with no agenda save their desire to host the presence of God. When so many concerts become about the performer it is refreshing to find such talented performers who are willing to let God have the spotlight. I enthusiastically recommend Lester and Holly to any church ready for authentic worship.”
Endorsed by: Joey Grizzle, Pastor – Monroe Church of God

“I was honored to work with Lester and Holly on their “Honestly” project.  Their songwriting and vocal abilities were amazing in the studio.  More importantly, their love for God and their family was a blessing to experience. I highly recommend their ministry. You will be encouraged and inspired!”
Endorsed by: Sam Katina, Artist – “Katinas”

“What a blessing it was to have Lester and Holly at our church. We experienced the wonderful presence of God as they ministered to the Lord. They have musical talents that are second to none and they use those talents to bring glory of God.”
Endorsed by: Doug Combs, Pastor – Church on Fire Ministries, Harrison OH.

“The people of our congregation were very touched by the presence of worship while Lester and Holly ministered. We experienced God’s anointing while they sang and the word brought forth was full of faith and joy. We would encourage any Pastor or Minister to invite them to their church or organization for a concert or to minister in a worship service.”
Endorsed by: Terry and Becky Roberts, Pastor’s – Faith Christian Family Church, Warrenton, MO

“What a wonderful blessing it was to have Lester and Holly minister at Garywood Assembly. Not only are they incredible vocalist, but they have a marvelous Christ-like spirit that emanates from their lives. Believe me when I say, this couple will bless your church.”
Endorsed by: John A. Loper Jr., Pastor – Garywood Assembly of God, Birmingham, AL.

“For years I, personally, have enjoyed the ministry of Lester and Holly.  Not only are they extremely talented, but they are capable ministers that preach and sing out of the reservoir of their personal experience and walk with the Lord.  It is with great honor and privilege that I endorse such a fresh and sincere ministry.”
Endorsed by: Robbie Hay, Pastor – His Presence Church